Local Services Ads Guide for Law Firms

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If you are looking for expanding the digital presence of your law firm, examining detailed local service ad guides must be the first step.

Local advertisement services rather than Google might be a more fruitful way to get digital recognition. In such cases, local advertisement services are priceless tools regarding the price structure and client-friendly usage.

What are Local Services Ads?

Local services advertisement is one of Google’s recent tools that can be quite profitable and effective for firms to find potential clients. Local services ads enable firms to connect with people who search for the services your firm delivers. Potential clients will view your local services ads in their area and the best part is firms have to pay an advertisement fee only if the client gets contact through the ad. Clients will view your firm’s Google profile and gain access to necessary info about your firm when they click on your local services ads. In this way, Google made booking appointments and quick communication even more accessible and easy for customers.

Benefits of local services ads provided by Google for law firms

Boosting digital visibility on Google’s search

The most pleasing part is local service ads appear before classic Google advertisements meaning that firms using local service ads will be getting more exposure from potential clients.

For instance, let’s visualize someone searching for a “personal injury lawyer near me” or more specifically “Affordable lawyers near me in Scranton, Pennsylvania”, the very first search results will be the firms that use local service ads. Then, classic Google advertisements, followed by business listings, and lastly the organic search results.

Reassuring image of local services ads

In local services ads, firms get “Google Screened” badges for analysis and approval granted by Google. In the middle of fake news misinformation mass, the “Google Screened” badge might be a good start with potential customers. Firms have to create local services advertisement profiles and submit their info to verify their license to get the “Google Screened” badge. Another criterion is to have more than 3.0 stars on Google My Business.

Besides leading the generation for local customers, local services advertisement is immensely profitable

With local services ads, firms need to pay an advertisement fee only if there is a real quantified lead. This might be the most reasonable reason to swap the firm’s advertisement strategy from classical advertisements to local services ads.

Client-friendly usage

Local services ads make search results faster and more efficient by showing local firms near potential clients. In most cases, potential clients will seek basic terms describing their complex legal needs or desires, and by publishing local service ads related to those basic terms, firms will have the advantage of getting the first result in search results. 

A new area to expand your business

Local services advertisement is not only for the biggest law firms but also encourages small law firms to compete with them by delivering an equivalent playing field. In local services ads, all companies have the same chance of getting noticed by potential customers. After all the ultimate aim of Google is individual attention to people and preserving client satisfaction.

Cost of local services ads

The cost of local services ads may vary from $50 to $300. It is hard to anticipate a narrow cost range since the competitiveness of the firms’ locations varies. The good part is Google only charges firms if there is a real lead. Not similar to the classic Google advertisement, not all clicks made changed by Google in local services ads.

Areas for local services advertisements

Until recently, Google was not providing local services advertisement to all areas of law. Google’s working range in law was quite limited but as of today lawyers working in the following areas can benefit from Google’s local services ads:

  • Arbitration,
  • Aviation Law,
  • Bankruptcy Law,
  • Banking and Finance Law,
  • Business Law,
  • Clinical Negligence Law,
  • European Law,
  • Competition Law, Construction Law,
  • Corporate Law, Criminal Law,
  • Dispute Resolution, Employment Law,
  • Energy and Infrastructure Law,
  • Environmental Law,
  • Family Law,
  • Gaming Law,
  • Human Rights Law,
  • Immigration Law,
  • Insolvency Law,
  • Insurance Law,
  • Intellectual Property Law,
  • Media Law,
  • Property Law,
  • Public Sector and Local Government Law,
  • Shipping and Maritime Law,
  • Sports Law,
  • Tax Law,
  • Tort Law,
  • Wills, Trust and Probate Law

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