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The Unwanted Event That Destroys the Enjoyment of Football: Racism

In a recent event involving a UEFA Champions League football match 9/12/2020 between Paris Saint German and Istanbul Basaksehir, a touchline incident involving Pierre Webo (Assistant Coach of Istanbul Basaksehir) stirred the world of football...

“The Staircase” Takes a Look at the American Criminal Justice System and Its Key Vital Issues

The Staircase is based on the real-life murder trial of Michael Peterson. This is one of the shows that best exposes the failure, shortcomings, and corruption of the American criminal justice system. In addition, it...

How to Legally Fight with Fake Reviews in Online Platforms

Fake reviews are a big problem on platforms like Google and Amazon, from Facebook groups where the demand regarding paid positive reviews to bots and click farms that upvote negative reviews to take out the...

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